Does it work? Star Shower Laser Light

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Want a festively decorated home without spending a lot of money or spending hours and hours hanging lights?

“Shower Your Home With Thousands of Laser Lights in Seconds!” is what the Star Shower Laser Light (an As Seen On TV product) claims, with no ladders, no hanging, no dead bulbs, and no mess.

When I saw this product advertised I immediately wanted one. If it worked, it could be a great compromise between my ideas of Christmas decorating and my husband’s ideas. (I’m a “Chevy Chase/Christmas Vacation” kind of person and my husband is more like “A Charlie Brown type of Christmas tree is more than sufficient.”)

The laser light itself is weather resistant, comes with an extra long lawn stake, and has 2 laser modes which allows you to choose red and green lights or green lights only. All you have to do is stick the stake in the ground, easily screw the laser light onto the stake and plug it in. That’s it.

The Star Shower Laser Light claims to cover up to 3,000 square feet and to operate in temperatures from minus 30 degrees to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. And because the lights have a sensor that detects light, they turn on automatically when it’s dark and turns itself off in daylight which means you don’t need any timers.

So, did it work?

Here are a few shots, which I admit aren’t that great but it was cold, icy, and dark (obviously) when I took these pictures. We were still playing around with the positioning as I took these…

I personally love them almost as much as I’d love to have my entire house outlined with traditional Christmas lights. But since that’s not going to happen with our steep roofline, I’m happy to have these.


  • Since the laser lights only work when it’s dark, when you first open the package to test the lights, you either have to test them out in a dark room or block the sensor (on the bottom of lens) to fool it into thinking it’s dark.
  • At or below freezing temperatures, the Star Shower may take up to 10 minutes to warm up and reach its full projection strength.
  • The cord on the projector lights are pretty short so you’ll most likely need a long extension cord, depending on where you’re placing it.
  • The darker it is, the brighter the lights. If you have a lot of lights on or a big street lamp that hits the area you’re decorating, the lights will appear dimmer.

After buying one, we ended up buying a second one to better hit all the angles of our home. After I bought the first one I read all the online reviews and found the majority of reviews were positive and that people would buy another or recommend it to a friend. The few complaints I found were that when it snows or you have freezing rains, it will stop working but once it has defrosted/dried out, it works just fine. About 1% of the reviews I read said the unit stopped working after a couple of days but once they were exchanged, the buyers were happy and again, they’d recommend it.

The As Seen On TV commercial shows a house that is really lit up and super bright but I did read that for the commercial, they used 4 laser lights so it would be much brighter than if you only used one.

If you buy the Star Shower Laser Light from the As Seen On TV website you’ll pay $39.99 plus $9.99 shipping and handling. Sears, Kmart and Bed Bath & Beyond also sell them for $39.99 (you can also find it at other stores.) I bought mine at Bed Bath & Beyond using a 20% off coupon which helped bring the price down a bit.

I typically spend at least $40 each year replacing our traditional Christmas light strands that no longer work or that are broken. Most years I have to replace at least a couple of strands during the month of December because the deer and squirrel chomp through all the wires so for me, this will actually not only save time and wear and tear on the body, but money.

One thing I want to point out in case you’re the kind of person who doesn’t read the directions is that the further the distance to the surface, the more coverage you’ll get, up to a point of course. (There are directions with suggestions as to how far away to place your laser light according to how much coverage you want.) If you put the lights right up next to a surface, they will be blurry. (One of the complaints I read in the various comments was that the lights were blurry so they kept moving them closer, and the closer they moved them, the more blurry the lights…) Read the directions! (Ha!)

You can also use the laser light in your home. There is a separate Star Shower Base for $9.99 you can buy to set the system in for indoor use if you want or you could always place the stake in a potted plant to secure it.

If I could add one thing that would make this better, it would be a taller stake you could buy for those of us who have steep yards.

Do I love this? Yes! Did it work for us? Yes! Did it save us hours and hours of putting lights up while making both my husband and me happy with the effect? Definitely yes!

If you have a Star Shower Laser Light we’d love to hear what you think about it…good or bad reviews.

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