Emotions of the college drop-off


Amy Byrnes, blogger at www.Amynameisamy has been through the college drop off saga with three of her four children, and lived to blog about it! She shared a few of her thoughts on the process with us!

"I’ve successfully sent 3 kids to college. And it's kind of interesting how the experience has changed over each one of the course of the kids...getting ready to go away.

"Sending the first one off is such a big deal because it's like that moment you know when you're standing getting ready to say goodbye to your child you're standing in the parking lot you got to get back in the car and drive your 9 hours home and that moment you were kind of dreading your entire life you know, everything kind of geared up to that moment...there you are. It’s kind of like, when you gave birth you always knew it was coming and someday it was gonna happen and when it actually happens you're like OMG it’s happening. So that was my experience the first time around.

"That was the big moment. It's time to say goodbye I remember I totally had sunglasses on and the coolest thing happened each one of us went up to him to give him a hug to say goodbye and so his two sisters did, and then it was my turn and I totally wrapped my arms around him and I cradled his head in my hand and my youngest daughter took a picture like that and my face is all crumpled up in that ugly cry and I'm wearing my sunglasses. It's one of my favorite pictures that we have cause it just totally captured how I felt in that moment.

"So its gets a little bit easier the second time and I found the third time it’s really really hard

"I said goodbye to her and I then texted my BFF when i finally made the drive home and said I don’t think I cried this hard since my mom and dad got divorced when I was 11. I was sobbing I even got home and whatever kids were at home had to make them dinner and then I quietly went into the garage and quietly started sobbing some more I was so sorry that she had left. She’s a sparkly part of my life it was sad.

"I’ve learned a lot in the 5 years I’ve been sending kids away to college, as anxious as I was for the first two to kind of get moving it and kind of not be an everyday presence only because it really did cut down on chaos in our life. Now, I’m really learning to appreciate it all because really even though I joke my 7th grader is he ever gonna grow up and go to college I realize now that he is, and I really want to hold on to these moments because this is such a big huge important part of my life and I know there is an end it’s not gonna be forever and they're not gonna be living in my basement forever (I hope)."

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