Motherboard: hi-tech products for moms

This year's Consumer Electronics Show had quite a lot of tech aimed at moms.

First up, the Willow Breast Pump. With the Willow -- launched at CES - you're looking at the first smart, wearable breast pump. It's hands-free, fits in a bra, and silently pumps with no tubes. There's a companion app that monitors amount of milk pumped, frequency, and how long a session lasts. The Willow Pump is set to be available in spring.

And how about artificial intelligence for you baby's room? Meet Aristotle, Mattell's new smart baby monitor. It’s a security camera and a smart assistant built into an Amazon Echo-like speaker. The company says it’s the only smart baby monitor that can comfort, teach, and entertain. They also say it’s secure and it complies with the Children Online Privacy Protection Act. It’s slated to ship this summer.

And Whirlpool has perfected, they say, the all-in-one washer and dryer. The "smart all in one care machine" adds detergent, washes the clothes and dries them. The unit will text you when your load is ready to fold.

Willow Breast Pump

Aristotle Baby Monitor

Whirlpool All-In-One Care Combo



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