BBB warns of top scams for 2017


The Better Business Bureau says almost one in five people lose money to a scam every year, totaling $50 billion.

Here are the top five scams the bureau wants you to watch out for this year:

  • IRS calls. When someone poses as the IRS and threatens to send you to jail if you don't send them money.
  • Debt collection scams. Fake debt collectors call and threaten you about paying an unpaid debt.
  • Lottery, sweepstakes and giveaways. Thousands of people fall victim to this scam every year. Scammers tell you you've won money, but first you have to wire them the taxes up front.
  • Employment scams. You're offered work as a secret shopper, but are sent a fake check. Plus, you have to front money for expenses.
  • Online purchase scams. Fake merchandise is frequently sold online. Always make sure to use a reputable website.

For an up-to-date list of current scams in your area, or to report a scam, visit and check out their Scam Tracker.

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