A Year of New Beginnings

2013 has been a year to remember for my family and me. Most notably has been the birth of my darling daughter, Elena. She's changed my life profoundly. It's incredible how babies have the ability to simultaneously end and start time.

Elena's brought so much joy to my husband and me (although speaking of hubs, we've also argued more than ever, but that's for another blog), and to our families. It's amazing how something as simple as walking can turn into a magical feat. Seeing her walk across the room for the first time was one of the most beautiful sights I've ever laid eyes on.

We've also just moved into a new home, a home where I can stretch out and relax. Our previous home (still for sale - any takers?) was teeny tiny. Elena shared a bedroom with my husband and me and there was just nowhere to get away when you needed to. We have a lot of great memories in our starter home, but the time to move on was long overdue.

This house is roomy, comfortable, beautiful and ours. It's where our daughter will grow up. The neighborhood is perfect. We're even next door neighbors to a young mother my age, who also has a baby girl. Our girls could grow up to be best friends, which is the sweetest notion ever.

Since having Elena, my work life has changed dramatically. I simply could not go back to work full time as I had before she arrived. I just need to be with her. I'm eternally grateful I'm able to mostly work from home and we're able to survive on my dropping to part-time. There is a part of me that is worried about finances, especially with a new mortgage to pay, but I know that we will be taken care of and everything will work out.

The thing with having children is you tend to lose a piece of yourself. I'm okay with not living the same life I lived before. I'm okay with devoting most of my time to my daughter, but I'm not okay with neglecting myself or placing myself on the back burner.

In 2014, I hope to take care of myself first. I want to eliminate negative thoughts about myself (and don't we all have them - why?) and practice the art of loving oneself.

I'd like to get back to a place of positivity. I read a book in college that had a deeply, profound effect on me called, "You Can Heal Your Life," by Louise Hay. It's a bit out there, Hay claims to have cured herself from cancer by eliminating all negative thoughts and learning to truly love herself. She believes the more we love ourselves, the better our lives work. I believe this as well. This is not vanity or arrogance. The mind, body, spirit connection is so strong, so linked together. We must choose our thoughts wisely and pay attention to the law of attraction - because postivity attracts positivity.

In 2014, I hope we can all learn to love ourselves and each other. If we can, it will improve our own lives. It will improve the world.

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Liz Hayes
Liz loves spending time outdoors, working out, traveling, taking in the arts, reading and catching up on TV.
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