Apparently, It is All Down Hill!

Liz Fogle

Apparently it is all down hill from here! This morning on the radio, a local DJ was talking about a new survey discussing at what age you feel old. The DJ said that according to the survey most people feel old at 47. He couldn’t understand what the deal was with 47. It just seemed so young.

I was intrigued by this survey, so I “Googled” it. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the survey I was looking for, but ran across another one. According to this particular survey, “Over-the Hill” no longer occurs at 40, but at 28. Ugh… just put a fork in me because I am done! I just turned 28! I guess it is all down hill from here. Youth, it was nice knowing you!

This survey got me to thinking about how old I am and how old I feel ( I am going to ignore the pain in my bruised foot right now). Honestly, I really don’t feel that old (well most of the time I don’t). My friends and I always joke that our bodies aren’t what they use to be. It seems like one of us always has an ache or pain (man I hate to see us when we are 80). To make matters worse for me, about 2 years ago, I had shoulder surgery. The doctor told me that he doesn’t see this type of injury in 26 year-olds. Awesome…NOT!!! Just make me feel old doc!

Aches and pains aside, there are a few things that are starting to make me feel old or should I say older.

1. When a child you use to babysit, is now in college or married with kids (ugh!)
2. When you reference Oregon Trail and today’s youth have no idea what you are talking about
3. When you have to explain to kids, that your phone growing up was attached to a wall
4. When you have to explain who Uncle Jesse is on Full House (we are failing our youth)
5. When you try to educate your daughter on the finer points of 90’s music and she gives you the “you’re not cool mom look” (I thought she would at least be 10 before that happened).
6. When you explain that your first computer had one game, Digger and nothing else (oh…we live in a technology driven society)
7. Can we say Mix Tape!!! (No explanation is needed, except maybe what is a tape?)
8. Trapper Keepers, they were all the rage. (I mentioned carrying a trapper keeper to some of our youth at church; they had not idea what I was talking about).
9. There was a life before Facebook! It is called passing notes in class. (does anyone remember how you use to fold them)
10. Being called Mrs. (I’ve been married 9 years, but the Mrs. has just started in the last 2)

Ahhh…got to love a walk down memory lane! Doesn’t it just make you feel old? In my head I am going to keep telling myself that I am not that old. I maybe a Mrs. and the kids I use to babysit maybe all grown, but I am definitely not “over the hill”! I don’t care what some crazy survey says. I think it is all about perspective. I am going to maintain the “young at heart” mentality!

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