As Seen On TV…Stone Wave Microwave Cooker (Does It Really Work?)

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My husband likes to eat poached eggs but I don’t and usually, in fact, never make them. When he saw this Stone Wave Microwave Cooker that promised to make poached eggs, (it can also cook a lot of other things,) in a minute or less, he thought we should buy it and test it out.


“In just minutes, the Stone Wave Microwave Cooker makes fabulous delicious dishes that could take as much as an hour to make the conventional way. With the steam-release chimney and domed lid to re-circulate the heat, it’s the best way ever to cook in your microwave. Made of ceramic stoneware, you do not need to coat the non-stick surface with any butter, fats, or oil to cook.”

It comes with a recipe book with “recipes so quick and easy, anyone can cook like a pro.” Recipes include poached eggs, shrimp scampi, chili, chocolate soufflé and more.

The first recipe I tried was a poached egg. All I did was put 1/4 teaspoon of water in the cooker and then crack an egg into it. Place the lid on it and microwave for 20 seconds. Wait 20 seconds and then cook again for 20 more seconds and remove it from the microwave.

My husband was impressed with how good it looked and tasted. It was that easy and there was no mess to clean up. (Stone Wave is dishwasher safe or simply clean with warm soapy water.)

Because microwave cooking times vary from one microwave to the other, you may need to adjust the time something cooks. The two recipes I tried cooked in exactly the time suggested. All food is cooked on high power. When I removed the dish from the microwave, the handle did stay cool enough for me to handle without a pot holder. There are some recipes that take longer so it is possible the handle gets warm so just be careful.

The next recipe I tried was the chocolate soufflé. It took less than 3 minutes for me to prep and cook it. The ingredients consisted of a bit of flour and sugar, cocoa powder, milk, vanilla, chocolate chips, vegetable oil and whisked egg, with none of the ingredients calling for more than 4 tablespoons of that particular ingredient.

I was totally amazed at how delicious this was! It was also super easy and fast.

Depending on the size of your microwave, you can cook more than one Stone Wave at a time. Four would actually fit in mine.

I personally like this and would buy it again. I paid $9.99 at Walgreens. My husband can now poach an egg in less than a minute with no mess to clean up. Because the ceramic stoneware surface is non-stick and you don’t need butter, fats, or oils to cook, it seemed ”healthier.”

I’ll be trying soups next. I actually think I would use this more for breakfast and lunch recipes when I’m just cooking for myself but if I can create a really good French Onion soup, I’ll be buying more so I can use them for company meals. The chocolate soufflé recipe made quite a bit, more than I could eat myself and if you top it with a bit of ice cream or whip cream, you could divide it up and probably get 4 servings from one dish…of course that depends on how much chocolate you can eat at one time. You can even eat right out of the cooker.

If I was giving this a rating (from 1 to 5 with 5 being excellent), I’d give it a 5. It did everything it said it would and the food was great.

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