As Seen On TV - Pet Hair Magnet

Terry McFadden

Dogs and cats may shed a lot more this time of year, and it is never much fun trying to clean the pet hair from a couch or rug.

So, is there a better way?

The Pet Hair Magnet is only a magnet in name. It is more like a squeegee, but like a magnet, it is supposed to attract all the pet hair together so you can dispose of it.

The Pet Hair Magnet promises to use its triple blade action not just to get the hair that is on the top of the couch, but also the stuff that is embedded deep down. So, you essentially just need the Pet Hair Magnet and a wet, soapy cloth.

With the Pet Hair Magnet, you never move it side to side. You are supposed to start and do small strokes then pull it toward you. I was able to come up with a fairly well-defined line of hair, and the Pet Hair Magnet did a lot better job than the vacuum. The couch was about as free of cat hair as possible, and then you just wipe it clean, and you are ready for the next job.

Next, I tried the Pet Hair Magnet on the rug. It is pretty amazing. I was able to get a decent amount of cat hair right off the rug.

It is never much fun having to clean up pet hair whether it is on a sofa or on the rug, but with the Pet Hair Magnet, you might just have a ball doing it, and it gets a thumbs up.

I paid $10 for my Pet Hair Magnet at Bed, Bath and Beyond. You can also find it in pet stores and on the Internet.

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