Bug's First Slumber Party

Liz Fogle

We’ve hit another major milestone in our household. Bug (my daughter) has attended and survived her first slumber party (sigh!!!). When the slumber party was first mentioned, I had no doubt that Bug would want to go and wouldn’t have any problems staying away from me.

Since a very early age, Bug has stayed away from me several times. Most of her visits have been to grandparent’s houses; it wasn’t until last October that Bug stayed with her best-friend. With it being her first sleepover, I expected a phone call in the middle of the night, but it never came!

Bug’s first slumber party was graciously hosted by my Pastor’s wife, Sharon. She invited Bug and 3 other friends. When I received the invitation, I thought Sharon was crazy (a four-year-old, 2- five-year-olds, and a six-year-old)! All I could think was…yikes; glad it is you and not me!

The girls were so excited about the sleepover and were literally counting down the days.

Here is a picture of when they all first arrived. Look at all of those smiles and giggles. They were excited to be the “big girls” for the night.

When I dropped Bug off, I didn’t get much of a “good-bye”. Sharon also informed me that she doesn’t send kids home in the middle of the night unless they are sick (sounds good to me). I want Bug to feel comfortable and secure when she stays with other people and not always dependent on mom and dad (hello…my independent child)!

Needless to say, I didn’t get a phone call in the middle of the night, but did get a ton of fun pictures. Sharon had soooo many activities planned for the girls! Honestly, I was afraid Bug wouldn’t want to come home! A trip to the park, a pizza picnic, a princess tea party, a dance party, a movie, and a special treat to take home! Can I come to the next sleep over?!?!

Here a few snapshots from the night!

Many moms get sad about their kids growing up, but I don’t. My mentality is every age has something new and exciting; I don’t want to dwell on the past (which has its own sweet memories) but look forward to the future. It is exciting for Bug to experience new things, like a slumber party. I loved slumber parties growing up and have so many sweet memories from them. I am excited that Bug is making similar memories and will be able to cherish this fun time with friends!

I am sure this will be the first of many slumber parties!! Thanks to Nana Sharon for hosting Bug’s first one and documenting it perfectly! This memory that will definitely stick with Bug!

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