Busting Mommy Myths To Be A Happier Mom

As mothers, we want to do it all.

The truth is that sometimes getting ourselves dressed and out the door in the morning can sometimes seem like a struggle.

Motherhood is one of the biggest joys in life and one of the biggest challenges.

Here are some suggestions on being a better mother for yourself and your children.

While friends can help you with a shoulder to cry on or someone to vent to when you're frustrated, don't compare youself to them.

A mother of 4, Sarah Jacobs, says that sizing yourself up can make you feel worse.

"You know my friends are all the same age as me and we're all raising kids. And my coworkers, that's what we talk about is kids. So its hard not to compare yourselves," said Sarah.

She adds that it can be overwhelming to have so many messaged tossed at us.

"With Facebook and social networking, everybody's putting pictures and 'my child's reading this and my child's walking at this age.. I think the world is kind of just screaming at us 'you should have your kid in this activity and that activity and they should be reading this amount of words in this many minutes, that you do start to kind of feel like a failure," said Sarah.

Is being a mother instinctual?

We don't always have the answers. And that's okay. That is why there is help.

At St. Elizabeth Regional Medical Center, one nurse cares for a new mom and the other for the newborn baby.

"We do get a lot of 'is this normal' from our moms and that's what the postpartum nurse is here for, to kind of give them the correct information or just tell them that each person is different," said Registered Nurse, Jeannie Rung.

For the most part, moms have a strong urge to protect, nurture and love their kids. But that doesn't always mean we know what to do.

"You're going to learn as you go. With social media out there, your friends, your family, all putting their information coming towards you, it can be a little overwhelming at times. So. its perfectly okay for that mom to feel overwhelmed at times and that she doesn't have a clue. But that is a normal feeling for most moms," said Rung.

"You just have to take a step back and remember that you're the mom and you love your child and that all kids are going to be different, even among my four they're all doing different things at different times. Just know that it is going to come in time," said Sarah.

Also, moms need to remember to take time for themselves.

Just because you are a mom, it doesn't mean that your whole life needs to be dedicated to everyone else.

By finding time for mom, you'll be more relaxed and happy.

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