Celebrating May Day

Many kids and adults enjoy handing out May Day baskets. Kids knock on the door, leave the surprise on the doorstep and run away. Today in House Works, we share a creative May Day idea that's not a basket, but still spreads spring cheer.

What you'll need:
Glitter glue or markers
Googly eyes
Pipe cleaners
Snack-size ziplock bags
Snacks ( popcorn, small crackers, pretzels, dried fruit, trail mix, or your choice of snack items)

How to make it:
For each bag, decorate one side of a clothespin (glitter glue or markers). Glue two small googly eyes near the gripping end of the clothespin and let the glue dry.

Put small crackers, dried fruit, trail mix, or whatever else you'd like into a snack-size ziplock bag until it's about half full. Seal the bag, cinch the middle with your fingers, and clip it with the clothespin.

Fold down the tips of pipe cleaner, then bend the entire piece in half. Clip the pipe cleaner in the clothespin.

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