Cosmetic Procedures…What Do You Think?

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The other day while waiting in line at the grocery store, I read an article in one of the magazines that stated most women wouldn’t get cosmetic surgery even if it was free. I bought the magazine just for that article because quite frankly, I didn’t believe that and wanted to research it more.

Comments I read included, “I will age gracefully,” “Only shallow women do that,” “I don’t need to look good to feel good,” and lots of comments that said “Women with a strong sense of self-confidence don’t need it.” I realized I said “Seriously?” out loud as I was reading when the cashier and person checking out in front of me looked at me. (I find that because I talk to the cats at home and sometimes myself, I’ve been doing it more in public! Oh my gosh, I’m doing things I said I never would!)

Anyway, the three of us then proceeded to admit, if we could have some type of cosmetic procedure done for free, well then sign us up! Did that mean we were conceited, shallow, insecure women?

If I had my choice, I’d like something that was non-invasive that somehow pulled up all my skin from the bottom up, firming and toning everything, with all the fat somehow ending up on the top of my head in the form of thick, lush hair. Ok, that’s my fantasy, not even a real choice. But if I could afford a bit of Botox or someone offered to get rid of the jowls I didn’t have 10 years ago for free, I would do it…I think.

My husband would forgo a vacation or buying an occasional “big-purchase” for the house to pay for something I wanted done cosmetically if I REALLY, REALLY wanted or felt like I needed something. We’ve discussed getting older and he knows that sometimes I get a bit down over my neck or “smile” lines. But even with my husband being understanding, I haven’t rushed to do anything because I’d feel “guilty” for spending money on “that.” (I don’t bring home a weekly paycheck.)

Ok, so say for a moment, it’s totally free. Then I would worry how I’d look afterwards. What if I’m allergic to one of the injectables. What if something goes wrong and I die or am permanently scarred? What if something goes wrong and I look worse than I did? I wouldn’t want that plastic look that so many women seem to have but I wouldn’t mind a bit more smooth and firm body parts. And if I died during a cosmetic procedure, would others be thinking, “Well, her vanity got the best of her?”

I don’t spend an inordinate amount of time in front of the mirror checking out every single wrinkle, age spot, loose piece of flesh, etc. But I do notice the changes.

Getting back to that article, which didn’t give the name of who did the polling or how many women were polled (or their ages), I kept wondering if they answered that way because that’s how they really felt. Or is it more a financial thing?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (for 2013)…

There were over 1,800,000 cosmetic surgical procedures like liposuction, breast lifts, tummy tucks, etc., performed

There were over 13,400,000 cosmetic minimally invasive procedures like chemical peels, laser hair removal, and injectables performed.

For a total of over 15,000,000 total cosmetic procedures performed in 2013. (Obviously someone’s getting them done).

Money spent? Americans spent over 11 billion dollars on various cosmetic surgeries.

I personally would love some work done, nothing drastic, just some “fine-tuning.” I do think there are women who look plastic, which I don’t personally want for myself, but I’m not judging them for their choices.

Sometimes I see someone on TV or in magazines who has money but looks like they went to a bargain-basement surgeon. And I think, if they can afford the best of the best, why do they look like that? Ok, so maybe that is judging? No, I think that’s more of an opinion. I’m not judging their character based on how they look. Just like I don’t with women who prefer to age naturally and embrace every laugh line, varicose vein, and gray hair. (Just FYI, I have several girlfriends who have embraced their gray/white/silver hair and they look gorgeous. My grays come in kinky, dull and scattered all around my head. If I could get the look they have, I’d never dye my hair again!)

The top 5 minimally invasive procedures done in 2012 were…

Botulinum toxin type A
Soft tissue filler
Chemical peel
Laser hair removal

The top 5 cosmetic surgical procedures done in 2012 were…

Breast augmentation
Nose reshaping
Eyelid surgery

Obviously there’s a difference between minimally invasive procedures and surgical procedures but they are both about looking better, aren’t they?

What do you think about cosmetic procedures? If someone offered you free work (and they were reputable), would you get something done? What would you have done if you could?

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