Crafting with Crayons

Liz Fogle

The official countdown has begun for the end to school!!! I don’t know about you, but I am ready for a little break. I know Bug (my daughter) is really ready for a break. She asks me everyday how many days of school are left. With the end of school comes lots of busyness. I am in the process of wrapping up teacher appreciation week, planning for Field Day, and coming up with a great end of the year gift for Bug’s teacher.

I don’t know if you are like me, but I struggle with what to get Bug’s teachers. I know gift cards are great, but I like to add a personalize touch to each gift (thank you pinterest)!!! My kitchen looks like it has thrown up craft projects right now!

If you are still looking for a great end of the year gift for your teacher, I have a great one for you! You need a shadow box frame, white piece of paper, alphabet stickers (or marker if you have pretty hand writing), 24 crayon box.

To create this project you will need to draw out your large letter first and then place your crayons to make the letters shape. I recommend that you layout your crayons first and then glue them down. Also, use new sharp crayons! They look the best! I think this took me about 15 minutes! Can we say, simple and quick!!!

There is a funny story about this project. My first attempt at the letter “B” was a fail!!! My crayons weren’t sharp enough and looked old. I ended up throwing the “B” away! I was on a mission to finish this craft, but I didn’t have any new crayons. As I was hunting through Bug’s craft drawers, I remembered Bug received a new box of crayons a few weeks ago. Bug wasn’t home at the time, but I decided I would use them and then replace the crayon box later (I didn’t want to run to the store). I figured Bug wouldn’t even notice…..BOY WAS I WRONG!!!! When she returned home, she immediately saw the crayon frame and asked where I got the “new sharp crayons”. Talk about caught red handed!!! I told her that I would buy her a new box of crayons tomorrow. Unfortunately, that wasn’t good enough! Bug busted out crying! Through her tears she started to tell me “why these crayons were her favorite”! Bug loved the gold one because it was so sharp and pointy (can we say dramatic)!! After about 15 minutes of crayon mourning, I was able to calm Bug down!!! Oh… the drama of a 5 year-old.

Don’t worry, I replaced Bug’s crayons! She actually got a better deal. I upgraded her from a 24 count Crayon box, to a 48 count Crayon Box!!! When I gave her the new box, she told me that I can’t have them for anymore art projects!!! Gosh I love that kid!

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