Drink Pink!

This article, entitled "Drink Pink!" comes from Pat Persaud, MomsEveryday blogger from Omaha, NE.

Summertime is a great time to enjoy a cocktail with friends and family. But instead of cocktails, I find myself reaching for chilled wines.

I love a nice cold, smooth and buttery Chardonnay but these days I find myself drinking pink! Rosé wine!

It's probably not the most often thought of and most wine snobs would turn up their nose to just the thought of rosé!

A rosé is a blend of red grapes. The juices are left to blend with the skins for a few days - just enough time to turn the color of the juice pink. As I understand it, the grapes that are used aren't the best quality that are used to make the better red wines.

Well, even though I enjoy good wine, I base my likes when it comes to wines simply on taste! I've fallen in love with one in particular from Blankiet Estate in Napa Valley. Their rosé is smooth, crisp and fresh. Sweet enough but not by any means overly sweet!

It pairs well with a burger or steak or even just for sipping all by itself! Try it and let me know what you think!


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Pat Persaud
Pat Persaud received her Bachelor of Arts degree at Morningside College, in Sioux City, Iowa, and majored in English, with an emphasis on British Literature.
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