Explore the Science of Glue

This article, entitled "Explore the Science of Glue with Elmers," comes from Dawn Wells at Blogging Mom of 4.

Disclosure: We were sent this boxed set to Explore the Science of Glue for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.

As a homeschooler, I am always looking for fun, creative ways that my kids can learn. Kids seem to absorb so much more knowledge when they learn through play or hands-on activities vs. reading from a text book. Especially science.

I received The World of Glue – A cross-curricular investigation of adhesives for grades K-5 to try out. The kit includes the book “Too Much Glue” written by Jason Lefebvre, Illustrated by Zac Retz. It also includes curriculum ideas and glue.

When we first got it and opened it up, my oldest daughter grabbed the glitter glue and started making her own crafts. She discovered that she could create things from the glue and then when they dried, she could peel it off of the paper and the shape would still be intact. I love the imagination of kids.

Science of Glue

We received the box over Christmas break so we didn’t actually look at the lesson plan until we started back up school. We first got out “Too Much Glue” and read the story. It’s such a cute story. Very well written and illustrated. My kids enjoyed it.

After reading the story, we started on a few of the activities listed in the curriculum. The kids had fun. They loved using all of the different kinds of glue and seeing what fun things they can learn about adhesives.

Faith really loved creating the Mini Glue Suit – the activity accompanies “Too Much Glue.”

We also did the Understanding Polymers activity and were able to discover how glue actually came about. I never actually knew that glue was originally made from the substance found in milk called casein.

My kids always enjoy more hands on learning. Whenever I can incorporate that in our schooling, I do. This lesson plan from Elmer’s is great for public and home schooling.

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