Falling off the Wagon

Liz Fogle

Everyone is talking about New Year Resolutions and goals, but I am going to admit something about one of my continuous goals. I have fallen off the weight loss wagon!! Ugh, can someone get me a forklift and pick me up!!! How do I know, let just say, my clothes are a little more snug than normal. They aren’t unbearable, but aren’t as comfortable. Talk about bearing my soul today!!!

In all seriousness, I know I have no one to blame but myself. I let my fast-track life become an excuse for quick meals, unhealthy eating, and skipping workouts! Wow…did I just admit that?!?! Is this the first step to weight-loss recovery?

Two-years ago, I made a decision to get out of my unhealthy funk I was in. Through circumstances that were in my control and out of my control, I packed on more weight than necessary. At my heaviest, I was more than 65 pounds overweight! I didn’t love myself and my body hated me!!! I had aches and pains that a 26 year-old person shouldn’t have. Through a lot of prayer, support, and meal tracking the weight started coming off. I wish there was some magic pill, but it is a result of hard work, learning to say “no”, and determination. When I look at old pictures, I almost don’t recognize myself!! I will say this, weight-loss is easy when you are losing, but is crazy hard when you plateau or even gain!!!

Well I have hit that plateau and gaining phases! So I feel like I have 2 choices right now, I can continue back down my road of weight-gain (not an option) or I can use my frustrations to fuel my determination. I am choosing the second option! I don’t want to be that unhappy/unhealthy person anymore!!

So the falling off the wagon ends now!!! I have a renewed determination and focus! I wish there was an easy fix, but sometimes you have to go through the trenches to appreciate the end result. Can I get an, AMEN, from anyone else!!! I know we’ve all been there at some point (if not, count your lucky stars)!

I don’t want you to think that my journey is about a specific number on the scale, because it isn’t. Losing my extra weight is about me being healthy and a positive example for my daughter. I know I have a little more work ahead, but I am ready. I am determined, focused, and I have my readers to keep me accountable.

So here is to re-focusing on my goal!!

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