Find, Organize and Share Online Inspiration with Pinterest

Angela Skinner Mullen

If you haven’t discovered Pinterest, let me be the one to introduce you to one of the coolest new sites on the internet. Pinterest is actually a virtual pinboard – it’s a place for you to find and share the bits of inspiration you come across online, and helps you organize it all so you can come back and find it all easily.

Pinterest is for anything that interests you – you can create a pinboard for any category you like. A pinboard is a set of pins – or ideas – you find. Collect and share recipes, child gear, playroom decorating ideas, anything you like. Add a “Pin” with the “Pin It” button – anything you add will link back to the site it came from originally. Like Facebook you can “Like” Pins, which will then add the image to your “Likes” section. If you want to add an image to one of your pinboards, you can “Repin” it.

Find your friends that have already discovered Pinterest, and invite those who haven’t yet to join you. Follow your friends or anyone you like to check out things they are interested in, and they can follow you and see what inspires you as well. When you search for new things, you can sort by categories, people you follow, or see everything from everyone in real-time. “Following All” means you’ll have all of your user’s pins on all their boards shown to you.

It’s easy to get started and hooked on Pinterest. Request an invite from the site here, and you’ll be sent an invitation via your email account to sign in with either your Facebook or Twitter account. You’ll get easy-to-follow instructions and video tutorials on how to “pin” and “repin”. Highly addictive and fun – online searching for inspiring ideas will never be the same.

Are you using Pinterest yet?

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