Fitness Report: Benefits Of Yoga

It has been around for years, but fitness instructors say Yoga is gaining in popularity. In this month's Fitness Report, we find out why a little deep breathing and deep stretching could mean a healthier mind, body and spirit.

After a hectic day, it is a nice way to unwind.

Melanie McLeod says, "Yoga is reconnecting the mind and body via breathing."

It's nearly an hour of calm and quiet.

Melanie says, "It helps them to not think continuously about what's for dinner, what they have to do later, what happened yesterday and they are more in the moment."

Carey Smith has being doing it for two years and his flexibility is twice as good now. And, "My running is better, my lifting is better, just everything overall is better because of the stretching we get with this."

Plus, after years of suffering from constant lower back pain, "I don't feel the pain nearly as much as I used to and this is no medicine - no anything," said Smith.

Yoga instructor Melanie McLeod says yoga offers a number of health benefits - from improving heart disease to helping manage diabetes, arthritis - even asthma.

"I think it's attitude and I think it's focus and I think it's dedication to the practice. You're not going to address any of your mental or physical issues practicing once a month an a lot of of people who practice yoga - they're practicing two to three times a week," she said.

And while it may look hard, Melanie says what's so good about yoga is that anyone can do it and most see results in six weeks.

Melanie says, "It's toning, it's tightening - strengthening."

And relieving stress and tension, one pose at time.

Instructors at Midtown Crossing's Prairie Life Fitness says yoga is one of the most popular classes there. And guys - don't be afraid to try it. More men are attending the classes.

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