Four Reasons to Choose Prescription Sunglasses

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If you already wear prescription eyeglasses or contacts, you may want to consider adding a pair of prescription sunglasses as well. There are a number of instances in which a pair of sunglasses is extremely convenient, and having them in your prescription can be incredibly helpful. While some consumers may balk at buying a pair of these glasses due to the extra expense, the fact of the matter is that many available pairs are downright affordable. Affordability is not the only reason to consider sunglasses in your specific prescription, as there are plenty of other factors that make glasses such as these practical and stylish in a number of important ways.

Clip-on Attachments Are Not Always Practical

Clip-on attachments can be a very good option for you if you are comfortable with the simple act of attaching the clip-on attachment to your existing glasses. While these additions can be practical, they are not necessarily suitable for every frame or every lens, so your options may end up being a bit limited. Though prescription sunglasses are not necessarily better than clip-ons, many people simply prefer the ease of use that sunglasses that include your prescription offer. Using sunglasses with a prescription also allows you to switch your look up a little bit, as you can employ a different frame style for each pair of glasses that you use.

Contacts Are Not Always Suitable for Outdoor Wear

When you think about the places that you will most often need sunglasses, you may realize that they are exactly the types of places that are not conducive for wearing contacts. At a place like the beach, the sand, salt, and wind are able to create something of a perfect storm for eye irritation. Even when you try to protect yourself with non-prescription sunglasses, you may still experience irritation due to the presence of your contacts. It is much easier and much more practical to avoid this nuisance altogether by choosing to purchase an affordable pair of sunglasses with your specific prescription.

Plenty of Stylish Options

Your options are not limited when it comes to choosing a pair of sunglasses in your prescription. Nearly every style of sunglasses is available in a prescription lens, so no one will be able to even tell the difference when you are wearing a pair of sunglasses that also happen to be prescription glasses. Having a full range of options available to you allows you to maintain that dashing sense of style while also offering a certain level of practicality.

Additional Eye Protection From Harmful UV Rays

More and more people are beginning to realize the issues that prolonged UV exposure can have on the eyes. There are a number of lens options available that offer 100 percent UV protection, giving you an added peace of mind as your wear your sunglasses. Prolonged exposure to UV light can cause photokeratitis in the eyes, which can be a very uncomfortable and painful experience. Long-term exposure may increase the chances of cataracts developing while also causing damage to the retinas. Wearing protective lenses can be very helpful in avoiding these potential outcomes, something that prescription sunglasses may be able to help with.

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