Freezing Time!

Liz Fogle

I’ve decided to live the next week in denial!! Bug (my daughter) is turning 5! Can someone grab me a tissue?!?! I know every year, I blog about her turning another year older, but I just can’t help it. I think every year passes faster than the year before. Is that just part of getting older?!?! Ugh…does anyone have a machine to freeze time?

Over the last week, I’ve become more aware of how much Bug has grown-up (in the last year). Do I really need to walk down milestone lane?!? I will try to muster through. They may seem like little things to you, but they are definite signs of a growing little girl!

• I found Bug’s, 4 year doctor appointment sticker. She has grown more than 4 inches this year.
• Bug no longer needs a stool when she stands at the bathroom counter
• Bug successfully tied both her shoes this morning. Boo for independence!
• Bug is more aware of household chores. She takes all of our plates/bowls to the sink without being asked.
• Bug can now write her first and last name neatly on a line
• Bug is outgrowing naps (sigh)
• Bug has an ever growing sarcastic personality (oh…joy)

To make matters worst, I received Bug’s kindergarten enrollment today. Let’s just pour more salt on my wounds! I think ever mom can sympathize with my mentality. While I desire for Bug to grow-up, I am saddened by how quickly it is happening. In 8 years she will be a teenager, in 11 years she will be driving, and in 13 years she will be graduating from high school. Ugh…why am I torturing myself?!?!

With Bug being an only child (that is a blog for another day), I just want to soak in every part of being her mom! I fear the day, which I am no longer cool and she doesn’t need her mom. I know that day will come, but I just hope it doesn’t happen too soon. To tell the truth, I am 28 and still need my mom. I hope Bug keeps that mentality!

So here is to my sweet, smart, crazy, and amazing little girl! Happy 5th Birthday! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you this next year!

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