Healthy Pets, Happy Owners

Dr. Katy Nelson

This article, entitled "Healthy Pets, Happy Owners," is presented by Partners for Healthy Pets.

Dr. Katy Nelson, is a mother of five—two humans and three animals—she is also a veterinarian and TV show host. Regular care for your pets is as essential as food and love.

Dr. Nelson and her partner-in-crime—an adorable shelter dog, dispels a few common excuses pet owners make…

  • I’m Too Busy for the Vet – Make it a habit: use your pet’s birthday or adoption date as a reminder.
  • So My Pet is a Little Chubby. What’s Wrong with That? – If your adorable 4-lb Chihuahua gains a mere pound, it’s about the same as you gaining 31 pounds – yikes! Obesity can cause a variety of ailments - some of which can even shorten your pet’s life expectancy.
  • Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees – Some practices offer preventive healthcare, and others have pet insurance to help manage costs. Whatever you choose, taking your pet for an annual checkup will help avoid costly bills for treatment of conditions that may have been developing right under your nose.

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