History of the Fourth of July

Independence Day happens year after year, to commemorate one of the most important days in America’s history.

On July 4th, 1776, in Philadelphia, the Continental Congress formally adopted the Declaration of Independence. While the signing of the document didn’t happen until August, the Fourth of July holiday has been implemented as the official anniversary of the United States independence.

It is celebrated from coast to coast, with parades, barbecues and special services to honor our great nation.

In Philadelphia, July 8th, 1776 the Fourth of July was first observed as a holiday. The Declaration of Independence was read aloud, bells across the city were rung, and music could be heard for miles from various bands. However, it wasn’t declared a legal holiday until 1941.

Traditionally, the Fourth of July is celebrated in all states and territories of the U.S., with parades, patriotic speeches and fireworks. Families typically celebrate with barbecues, picnics and smaller scale fireworks displays.

Source: History.com

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