Hit the Road…And Don’t Ya’ Come Back!!

Liz Fogle

We had a crazy, insane, exhausting weekend at our house. Actually, those words are an understatement. Our weekend actually started on Thursday, with a text from my Bug’s (my daughter) teacher. Bug spiked a fever at school and they asked me to pick her up. When Bug is sick, I usually don’t rush her to the doctor immediately, but something in my gut told me too. As I was headed to pick Bug up, I placed a call to our doctor. By some miracle, they had an immediate opening (praise the Lord!!).

Bug's temperature was rising fast and I just knew she had the flu. A few tests later, the diagnosis was confirmed “Type A Flu”. Ugh!!!! The Nurse Practitioner said we caught it within hours and we could start Tami Flu. As a precaution, I was also placed on Tami Flu. Oh, how I don’t like Tami Flu!

Bug was mildly sick the first night. She still had a temperature, but was still eating and active. That all changed the next day!!!

The next 2 days went something like this….

- Bug slept until 8:00 a.m. (my child doesn’t sleep)
- Bug refused food
- Bug threw her Tami Flu up on my carpet
- Bug laid in the chair and didn’t move (the kid normally has ants in her pants)
- Bug takes several 4 hour naps
- Bug wants me to hold her (she is not a cuddlier)
- Bug continues to refuse food and drinks very little
- Bug temperature sits at 101 with Tylenol/Ibuprofen
- Bug watches a total of 15 movies over a 2 day period (the child is not moving from the chair)
- Bug finally decides to eat and we give her Tami Flu
- Bug throws up on the floor again, then my couch, then on me 3 times (catching throw-up is not my idea of fun)
- Call Bug’s doctor and go for a 10:00 p.m. run for phenergan.

Needless to say, I cannot recall anymore details from our “flu outbreak.” I attribute to sleep deprivation!!! All I know is, we survived and so far no one else in the house has it (fingers-crossed).

Bug has never been this sick! It was so hard to see my normally bouncy and active 4 year-old, lethargic and confined to a chair. I will admit when she started throwing everything up, we became very concerned about dehydration. I am thankful for phenergan!!! It not only settled her stomach, but helped her regain an appetite. When we felt like she had enough food in her system we retried Tami Flu.

On Sunday morning, I heard little feet hit the floor and run down the hall. It was music to this momma’s ears!!! Bug ran into my roomed and exclaimed “Mommy, my temperature is gone and I feel so much better. What is for breakfast?” Just as a precaution we continued the movie marathon for 2 more days. Do you know how many times I watch Barbie Princess and the Popstar?!?! We wanted Bug well and rested before we sent her back to school.

I am so thankful my baby girl is better!!!! Bug still has a little bit of a cough, but this can be attributed to her asthma. All I know is the flu “can hit the road”! I don’t want anymore sickness in my house! I know I am dreaming! Especially, since Bug decided to put her fingers in her mouth at the grocery yesterday. She told me she wanted to be sick, because she liked staying home with mom. Ughh…that is a story for another day!

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