Homemade Bath Salts, Perfect for Gifting!

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Earlier this year my lovely daughter-in-law came over and showed me how to make some of her favorite bath salts and soaks and since then, I’ve been making my own. I love how you can add so many different ingredients, depending on what your mood and skin needs are.

These are so easy to make and inexpensive too. These would make perfect teacher gifts, stocking stuffers or for anyone you know who likes to take baths. You can add essential oils to these but when I don’t know a person’s preference or if they are sensitive to certain oils/scents, I tend to leave them out. You can mix up a huge batch in minutes and the kids will have fun helping with these too.

The main ingredients in these particular soaks are:

Epsom salt (among the many benefits, it soothes, relaxes and draws toxins from the body),
Sea salt (detoxifies, increases circulation, reduces stress and softens skin),
Oatmeal (perfect for all skin types, even sensitive, hydrates, soothes), and
Baking soda, which also acts as a detoxifier and soothes skin.

Buy old fashioned oats and then grind them up in a food processor or grinder until they have the consistency of sugar. I read that this is the most beneficial way to use the oatmeal, plus you won’t have a huge mess in the tub. But, I have poured oatmeal, without grinding it up, in the tub and it still felt good…until I had to clean the tub.


  • 2 cups Epsom salt

  • 1 cup sea salt

  • 1 1/2 cups finely pulverized oatmeal

  • 1/2 ounce essential oil of your choice (optional)

Grind up oatmeal, add both salts and stir. If using essential oil, add and then spread mixture on cookie sheet to let it dry a bit.

Once you have your mixture made, you can scoop them in little bags!

These cost was approximately 61 cents per bag, which contains about 4 tablespoons of the mix. (Includes the price of bags.) Buying in bulk will save you money and make these even less expensive. You can also fill up glass jars (with lids) and tie a ribbon around it. The mixture itself, which makes a lot, cost about $2.25.


  • 2 cups Epsom salt

  • 1 cup sea salt

  • 1/2 cup baking soda

You can add essential oils to this too if you want.

Simply mix all the ingredients. (SO EASY)

This mixture cost me about $2.00.

You can find lots of great glass containers at thrift stores or dollar stores. Make sure you clean them first!

Have fun, get creative, add your favorite essential oils or herbs…or keep it basic. The varieties you can make are endless.

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