How to Easily Remove Strawberry Stems

This article, entitled How to Easily Remove Strawberry Stems, comes from Dawn Wells at Blogging Mom of 4.

I love strawberries but really hate to remove strawberry stems. Are you in the same boat? I feel like I lose a lot of the strawberry by trying to cut off the stem. I end up cutting off too much.

I found this super easy way to remove strawberry stems. If you have younger kids, they might even like to join in helping with this little task. They’ll probably think it’s pretty fun!

All you do is fine a sturdy straw. One that maybe came with a reusable cup. That’s what I used. The regular plastic straws do not work very well. They’re a little too weak.

Step 1

Put the straw at the bottom of your strawberry. Position the straw so that it’s lined up with the strawberry stem.

Step 2

Then gently push up and through the strawberry. If lined up correctly, the stem will pop right off. If you don’t get it all the first time, it’s pretty easy to remove the rest of the stem.

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