How to Have a Successful Garage Sale

This article, entitled "How to Have a Successful Garage Sale," comes from Melanie Bloom, MomsEveryday correspondent from Lincoln, NE.

If your spring cleaning is turning into a summer sell off, it may be time to hold a garage sale.

Heather Hesse is a garage sale veteran with some great advice for holding your own sale.

Be Ready for Your Shoppers

Quickly wipe your items down to dust or wipe away dirt. If it is clean, it will sell faster.

Place items like toys, tools or children's clothing near the back of your sale. Putting these popular products in the back will force visitors to walk by all of your products.

"What definitely works is doing it with friends because we actually have fun just hanging out and prior planning, having things set out ahead of time because people always show up early," said Hesse.

Don't Ask for Too Much Money

"Price things to sell. People don't want to come to a garage sale and have things over-priced. So really, if its just stuff that we're really not ready just to trash it yet its a good chance to see if there's somebody out there who wants a treasure," said Hesse.

Price and label your items clearly so that it is easy for shoppers.

If something is electronic, plug it in so that potential buyers know that the product works!

Advertising is Key

Place signs on busy streets near your neighborhood, if allowed by city ordinance.

Make sure that your signs are clear and bold. Be sure to include date, time and location on your sale signs.

Hesse says the way she and her friends advertise sales has changed over the years.

She said they used to only use newsprint to post their sales. Today, they use websites like Craigslist.

An added bonus to using the internet is that it is free to post!

You can also advertise sales on Facebook. There are groups for certain communities where you can post sales and other items that you'd like to sell.

An extra benefit to posting online is that you can add pictures. Allowing people to see pictures for your items will bring in added interest.

Garage Sale Tip:

It is a good idea to store your money somewhere safe.  Keep plenty of cash and change on hand in a shoe box, fanny pack or other easily accessible and safe place.

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