It's Gone to the Dogs!

Liz Fogle

You always here the saying, “opposites attract”! This statement is true when it comes to my husband and me. He is quiet and reserved and well…I am not! He is not organized and I am crazy OCD organized! Unfortunately, this “opposites attract” is proving to be a problem when it comes to pets. I think a more accurate statement for us is “opposites clash”!!!!

I think the “opposites clash” has something to do with how we were raised. Ben (my husband) was raised on a farm, animals serve a purpose (to eat or work). He did have a couple of dogs growing up, but they didn’t last very long. His family just aren’t pet people (well most of them aren’t).

On the other hand, my house had tons of animals growing up. We didn’t have all of these animals at the same time, but some of them did overlap. Growing up we had 2 guinea pigs (Freddy 1 and Freddy 2), a dog (Doopie), 4 cats (Lily, Sophie, Lazarus, and Moses), 1 Goldfish (Goldie), 2 hamsters (Ellie and Teddy), a salt water fish tank full of creatures, and more turtles than I could count (we actually had some have babies). My parents put there foots down at anything creepy crawly or anything that slithered! We got to play with those things at my Aunt and Uncle’s house (also, a bottle fed lamb, bottle fed raccoons, etc.). I think you all are getting the picture of how I was raised!

In our house, we have a case of an animal lover and an animal tolerater (yes, I know that isn’t a word)! Poor Ben! I guess I should have warned him when we got married. We have one dog (Molly) and honestly that really is his limit. I tried to add to our furry family last week, but that went over like a ton of bricks!

Me: Hey honey, what would you think about us getting another dog.
Ben: Uhh…no!
Me: But, if we don’t take it, it will have to go to the pound
Ben: NO!!! We don’t need another dog!
Me: Well it is a schnauzer like Molly and it is the dog that Molly was raised with. She is 6 years old and really small!
Ben: Uh…NO!!! Have you lost your mind!
Me: I knew you were going to say that! Well I guess I will ask my parents want her.
Ben: Liz, they just got a new schnauzer, do you think they need another one?
Me: But, I don’t want her to go to the pound
(10-15 minutes pass, I call my parents. They said they would take her to keep her from going to the pound)
Me: My parents are going to take her, but she has to stay with us until they get back from Florida
Ben: Great!!!! (Can you hear the sarcasm?)

So as of right now, our house has gone to the dogs! We have 2 Miniature Schnauzers at our house! If you don’t know anything about Schnauzers, they can be somewhat unique and quirky! Molly and our temporary resident Gracie are getting along great, but my house is crazy!!! There is lots of playing, going outside, and howling at the moon at 11:00 o’clock at night (yep, that wasn’t a good night)!!! However, it is only temporary! This is probably a good thing, because I would like my marriage to make it another year (I am only joking). Two dogs are too many for our house and my husbands comfort level. I am just grateful we have our Molly; she is a perfect match for our family. Ben has even admitted in the last several weeks she isn’t that bad. I might make him an animal lover after all?!?!(Nope, who was I kidding)?

My parents will be home in T-Minus 6 days, not that anyone is counting. I just hope they are prepared to have 3 crazy/quirky miniature schnauzers under one roof! What can we say, we love schnauzers or maybe we have just lost our minds. All well, we are okay that both of our houses have gone to the dogs!

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