Keeping Score

It was an interesting end to our my six-year-old son's basketball season.

The boys had been playing together for the past eight weeks and really came together nicely as a team. They were no longer just running up and down the court and shooting the first chance they got (those balls were all over the place)! The young players learned to pass to their teammate if someone had a better shot. The moms were all commenting in the stands about how good they looked: Their dribbling, their lack of traveling and the fact that everyone was shooting at the right basket.

So imagine my surprise when I looked up at the scoreboard and noticed the boys weren't getting the points added when they made a basket.

It turns out the referee asked the scorekeeper to stop tallying their points - because they had too much of a lead.

I'm not saying it's wrong or right, but it did make me wonder: Are we sheltering our children too much? Is there a lesson in losing that kids miss when we stop the scoreboard?

How do you learn to be a good winner and a good looser if the referees in "life" try to keep the score balanced?

Does every kid who runs a race really have to get a ribbon?
Or is this a good thing to keep young kids encouraged and positive?

I took dance and piano as a kid - so I have no idea if this is the norm, but it is worth a discussion.

What do you think?

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Serese Cole
Serese is no stranger to the Midwest. She was born and raised in Kansas City and after years of moving from state to state - has called Nebraska home the last decade.
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