Kids respond best to written instructions

Tired of telling your kids to clean their rooms, do their chores or go to bed – over and over again? A new study shows that children are more likely to follow instructions if they’re put on a piece of paper.

British researchers found if you want your kids to do what they are told, then write rules down. Kids who can read, and as young as four, are more likely to respond to instructions that are written down rather than if they are spoken.

The technique seems to work even if the written advice is read aloud to the children, demonstrating that the act of putting pen to paper seems to increase the importance of the task in the eyes of the child.

The study also showed that when children learn to read, they see written word as an authoritative source of information.

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Katie Kuenkel
Katie and her husband are proud parents of four busy kids (including twins!) and one mischievous puppy. In her free time, Katie enjoys waterskiing, basketball, boating, bowling, , photography, spending time with friends, and going to Daughtry concerts. ;)
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