Kids and Battery Safety

Each year, more than 2,800 children are treated in the ER after swallowing button batteries and the number of injuries or deaths as a result of these types of batteries has increased nine-fold in the past decade.

Button batteries can be found in a variety of items around the home such as car key fobs, garage door openers and even musical greeting cards.

These batteries are especially dangerous when their components are mixed with saliva, where they create an electrical current that causes a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction can burn the child's esophagus.

Because of the size of button batteries, your child is unlikely to choke, which means you may not even be aware they've swallowed one. If you suspect your child has swallowed a button battery or if you notice one has gone missing, do not induce vomiting. Take them to the emergency room right away.

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Katie and her husband are proud parents of four busy kids (including twins!) and one mischievous puppy. In her free time, Katie enjoys waterskiing, basketball, boating, bowling, , photography, spending time with friends, and going to Daughtry concerts. ;)
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