Life's Deep Questions

It’s happened to you too…don’t deny it.

“You know what Mom,” my high school son thoughtfully mused as he sat eating pizza, contemplating the inescapable reality his lazy days of summer were about to convert into another school year (with his summer reading project yet to be completed), “Now I regret not having a nap time during school.”

Oh the irony of it all. Austin is the child who fought nap time with everything he had throughout his pre-school and elementary years. You know what I mean; those kindergarten mats every child lays on during the mid-morning “quiet time” which typically follows the mid-morning “snack time”. There were always “those children” who obediently lay their head down and soundly rested (or at least lay still and didn’t move a muscle) – and then there was Austin who never could grasp the purpose of resting his weary head (which wasn’t at ALL weary…) when there was a box of race cars and Lego’s a mere hand grab away!

Austin’s world is black and white with no gray in sight. You and I see a chicken sign and understand it’s pronounced “Pop-Eyes”. In Austin’s world, that chicken sign reads “Pope-Yes”.

Who can argue!

“If Tomatoes are a fruit, Mom, then is Ketchup a Smoothie?”

He once heard a news report that called a person’s act ‘Insanely Stupid’. “How can you be insane and stupid at the same time?”, he mused. “And is there a difference between insanely stupid and stupidly insane?”

Ah, the myriad of life’s deep questions we mothers often ponder.
Now that blond-haired, blue-eyed kindergartner I put on the bus what seems like just yesterday, towers above me, standing a lean, tall, 6 ft. high-schooler, lamenting “back in the day” memories when school consisted of recess and field trips. “If they gave us nap time in high school I’d take full advantage of it,” he announced. “Back then it was just a waste of time! Now it’s easy to find myself in class, head in hand, so comfy, floating in the clouds, drifting off to sleep as my teacher talks about ‘stuff’ and suddenly I’m jerked back to reality, with the bell about to ring in 5 minutes and I’m thinking, humph, where did the time go?”

Sigh. Where does the time go indeed. I think I’ll take a nap and think about that… as soon as I finish my ‘to-do’ list.

Kathy Bedford is the mother of two boys, Bennett and Austin.  Married for 26 years, she grew up the youngest of six children (2 sisters and 3 brothers) and has a degree in Communications.  Being a successful Mom is one of her proudest achievements – and one of her greatest challenges!!

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