Mobile Madness

This article, entitled "Mobile Madness," comes from Liz Hayes, MomsEveryday blogger from Central Wisconsin.

My baby is on the move. She has been for two months, but she’s getting smarter by the day. It’s incredible how you can be simultaneously excited and terrified, when she stands up and cruises along the furniture (yay, you’re so great!) while heading toward a cord she can’t wait to pull out of the wall (no, no, nooooo!).

I literally just had to stop writing to pull a piece of fuzz out of my daughter’s mouth. This happens a lot lately. She’s quite the little vacuum. It’s amazing how carefully she picks up the tiniest pieces of fuzz, dirt, what-have-you, and then immediately in the mouth it goes. The other day I pulled out of her mouth one of those plastic pieces used to connect tags to clothing. That wouldn’t have ended well. I have no idea how it got on the floor or where it came from.

She’s obsessed with the cat’s tower. This isn’t good, because she and the cat have a bit of a rocky relationship. She loves the cat, and screams loudly whenever she enters the room. The cat, however, isn’t feeling the baby. Scooty is terrified of the baby and rightfully so. Wouldn’t you be if someone came flying at you screaming at the top of their lungs every time you entered the room? Anyway, she’s constantly pulling herself up using the tower, which is made out of cheap plastic piping, is starting to rip where the cat sits, and is just one pull-up away from destruction. Sigh.

We’ve done some minimal baby proofing. We basically don’t let her out of the living room. It’s mostly safe here - carpet, soft furniture, hidden sharp corners. But she still manages to find things that are off-limits that terrorize us while delighting her – like the plastic thingy. There’s a baby gate in the doorway, which she also hangs on when we’re in the other room. I believe she’s pulled it down four, five times now?

Don’t get me started on diaper changing. It’s like wrestling an oiled pig. This just started one day, awhile back. She refused to stay still while being changed. Not the worst scenario when it’s just pee, but trying to tackle a poopy diaper while the babe who just filled that diaper is wriggling around like an active alligator is a bit challenging.

Just another episode in the story of life with my darling daughter. I’m not complaining – I love being a mom to Elena! Watching my daughter grow, explore, even get into trouble is all gravy to me.

She’s amazing! I’m lucky to be her mother – even if that means vacuuming more often.

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