Must-Knows for Online Shopping Safety

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Here are 5 tips for online holiday shopping you need to know!

1) Update your Anti-Virus and Spyware software. Nothing is worse than getting your personal information hacked or your identity stolen. Because scammers are out in large numbers this time of year you’ll want to know your cyber transactions are secure.

2) Use web addresses starting in http. This will help in ensuring you’re visiting safe sites. Just typing in a simple word or having one letter wrong can land you onto a page that isn’t secure. Additionally, make sure there is a safe lock on the page before entering ANY payment information.

3) Read ALL Terms and agreements contracts. These can vary from site to site and also inform you of their policies regarding returns, exchanges and refunds. You want to know in advance what you’re agreeing to right? In a desperate attempt to have bigger profits, an unscrupulous site could have agreements that can actually charge you for a monthly payment membership you’re not aware of and intern charge you monthly for something you didn’t want. These can also be very difficult in changing or getting out of. Read the fine Print!

4) Use credit cards, not debit. Credit cards not only offer better protection from fraud than debit cards, they offer less liability.

5) Be thorough. Since the internet allows you to open several browsers, do just that to compare prices. Knowing you’re getting the best price is..well, priceless!

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