My Trash Bag... I Mean Purse!

Liz Fogle

I am a crazy OCD organizing freak! Yes, I am allowed to call myself that. I believe everything needs a bin, a bag, a basket or a hook! What can I say? I like order!!! My poor husband just shakes his head anytime I bring home another bin or more baskets. He doesn’t understand my need for order, but he just rolls with it!

Despite this desire for order and neatness, there is an area (or object) in my life that in totally disarray. My over the shoulder trash bag…I mean PURSE!!! It is a virtual dumping ground of mess and disorder! It is so bad, that I often think my hand will get lost in the bottom. Ugh!!! It doesn’t matter what purse I buy or wallet I try, it is always a crazy mess! To make matters worse, my husband and daughter think it is their purse too! Hey guys, I love you but I don’t want to carry your stuff too!!!

So let’s discuss the current contents of my purse. Granted, I just cleaned it out last week.

  • Wallet

  • Checkbook

  • Money Envelopes

  • Keys

  • Sunglasses

  • Random Earring (wonder where the other one is?)

  • Loose change (I should probably put that in a wallet)

  • 13 receipts (I am sure my husband is looking for those)

  • 3 random coupons

  • Slide for Bug’s music box (who knows)

  • Brown eye shadow (that is where that went)

  • Various lip colors

  • Drinking Straw (just in case of emergency)

  • Baked Lays Bag (midnight snack)

  • Broken pencils and pens

  • 2 empty gum containers and various wrappers

I know that is terrible…right?!?! My husband doesn’t even search through my purse anymore. If he is looking for something, he just hands it too me and has me find it (if I am lucky)! Ugh…why can’t I get my purse in order?!?!

Can I blame it on being a mom and having a young child? I think this might be a pretty good argument because I am finding out I am not alone in my purse disaster! Recently, a friend posted a picture of the contents of her purse and several other moms. Between all of them, they had ½ eaten chicken biscuit, noodle necklaces, action figures, diapers, snacks galore, dirty bibs, Aldi ads, dirty and clean socks, and much much more!

Can anyone else relate to having a purse disaster? I so need some advice! How can I keep my purse from turning into a trash bag?! Ugh…maybe I should just resign myself to this disarray!

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