Old Wives' Tales

During a play date at the park this week, I came home with an unwanted souvenir. There I was, just minding my own business and watching Brody's face light up as he spun down a slide, when a wasp decided to sting me in the back of my thigh.

I know that wasps become more aggressive at the end of summer, but this was a totally unprovoked sneak attack! It hurt a bit, but we continued on with our fun at the park. It wasn't until we got home later that day, that I realized what a pain it is to get stung. The back of my leg swelled up so much that I couldn't even sit without it hurting.

My hubby was in disbelief. It had been years since either of us had been the victim of a bee or wasp sting. He commented that it looked like I had a baseball underneath my skin. (I'll spare you the pictures to go along with this blog!) The itching made the little sting even more uncomfortable. When the Benadryl route didn't seem to work, that's when I decided to put some old wives' tales to the test.

We've all tried old wives' tales or folk cures at one time or another. Holding our breath to get rid of hiccups, for example, is one old wives' tale. When I was a week past my due date with Brody, I remember trying various old wives' tales to try to induce labor. I ate spicy food, got frisky with the hubby, took a long drive down a bumpy road, and walked a lot. Those old wives' tales didn't work for me, but I had hope that I could find an effective remedy for my itchy wasp sting.

Now back to the sting: the first old wives' tale I tried was holding a penny on the spot of the sting. Maybe I didn't hold it on there'd long enough, but this O.W.T. did not do the trick. Rubbing a baking soda paste on the sting helped with the itching a bit, but it was a little messy. The most effective old wives' tales for me were applying vinegar and rubbing the inside of a banana peel on the sting. The banana peel trick sounds weird, but it actually worked! Not sure why, but it totally helped the swelling and redness fade. My hubby got a good laugh out of watching me rub banana peels on my leg. I'm happy to report that after smelling like bananas for a few days, my little wasp wound is still noticeable, but almost gone.

Old wives' tales, folk cures, home remedies, whatever you choose to call them, they're fun to try out and pass on to friends and family. What are some of your favorite old wives' tales? I'd love to hear them. Bye for now!

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