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Photographing children can sometimes be tricky. And downright frustrating! But it doesn’t have to be. It’s all in how you approach the photo before it’s actually taken!

I’ve snapped a photo a time or two of little ones that weren’t so happy to be getting their picture taken, so these are just a handful of pointers from my experience! Feel free to share yours in the comments below.

1. It’s all about the Visuals. Children need something to engage them – to keep them interested. Keep that in mind when you’re photographing them. Take them to the park, the beach, the zoo – a place where they will be visually stimulated and candid. Most often times, the best shots are the ones where they don’t even realize they’re getting their picture taken!

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2. Get down and dirty. Try capturing them in their element. Meaning, get on the floor and play with them if you have to! Or get outside and turn on a sprinkler for the summer months – or in the winter, throw on your snow boots! It’s all about letting your child know that they don’t have to be afraid of the camera. Get on their level. Remember too, to capture them at different angles. If you’re on the ground with them, capture them looking straight at you – or tell them to jump up in the air, and snap a photo in mid-air! You can shoot above them too for a different view. You don’t necessarily have to tell them what to do – just let them do what’s natural, and photograph that.

3. Let them be kids. Sure, you want a nice picture of your kids, posed and ready to say cheese. But let’s face it. It’s probably not going to happen the way you envision it, so just let them be a kid. Let them make silly faces. Jump around. Dance! Capture them doing what they do best – being a kid!

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4. Focus, Focus, Focus. Ok. I know. The simple fact that you have to keep your child still to actually snap the photo is a daunting task, but you can do it! Just keep your focus on the eyes, if you can. Bring their favorite stuffed animal. Or their favorite squeaky toy! Make them laugh and get silly with them. Whatever you can do to get their attention for a few short minutes so you can snap a photo!

5. Have Fun and be Chill. Above everything, have fun with your child! And chill out! Not only are you snapping memories, but you’re making them too! So don’t forget to put the camera down from time to time and just enjoy the moments with your little ones. After all, they go by way to quickly, which is most likely the reason why you’re snapping some photos in the first place!

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Remember, you don’t have to have the BEST camera to take a really great photograph. You just have to be yourself - and let your children be themselves too! Have fun and snap on!

Emily Allison is a portrait/wedding photographer in South Bend, Indiana. To view more of her work, visit

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