Prepare kids for when Mom goes out of town

This article, entitled "Prepare Kids for When Mom Goes Out of Town," comes from Annie Payne, MomsEveryday blogger from Western Colorado.

When the time is right, having mom go out of town without the kids can be beneficial for everyone. Mom gets a little alone time to recharge her batteries and kids learn the valuable lesson that mom can go and mom comes back and it’s okay.

Here are some tips to make an out-of-towner easier on everyone:

1. Have a discussion with your child about where you are going and how long you will be gone. This discussion will vary depending on your child’s age. Young children need to be assured that time apart is okay.

2. If this is your first time away from your little one, try not to increase their anxiety by having them stay somewhere else without you. If you can, keep them at home with their bed and their things. Encourage whomever is watching your kids to try to keep things as normal as possible.

3. For older kids, let them know that regular rules still apply and that whatever you expect from them will be expected by whoever is left in charge.

4. If possible set a regular time to check-in with the kids. This will reassure little ones and help keep older kids accountable.

5. Don’t forget the souvenirs! Special gifts on mom’s return are a great way to reassure and reward kids! They might even encourage you to go out of town more often!

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