Rolling on Two Wheels!

Liz Fogle

We are officially rolling on 2 wheels at our house! Bug (my daughter) decided over the weekend that she wanted to take her training wheels off (insert, mommy biting her nails nervously). I asked Bug if she was sure and she assured me she was ready. Bug told me that she didn’t like being the only kids in the neighborhood with training wheels. I quickly reminded her that she was the youngest in the neighborhood, so it was okay. Bug didn’t care; she just wanted to learn to ride like the big kids!!!

We began Bug’s “no training wheel” adventure in the backyard. Falling on the grass is much easier than the concrete! Bug was so scared. The first couple of passes, I held onto Bug’s seat and let her pedal around the yard. After a few passes, I started letting go of Bug’s seat! Bug did not like this at all (especially when she fell)! She begged me not to let go of her, but I told her it was the only way she would learn. After falling a few times, Bug was frustrated and fearful! She kept telling me she couldn’t do it! Now I don’t want this to sound mean, but I know how Bug functions. I looked at Bug and told her she couldn’t do it. Well that is all it took, the next time she pushed off, she pedal all the way across the yard. Bug was determined to prove me wrong. After Bug road across the yard, I smiled at her and said “see I knew you could do it”.

Bug practice several times over the weekend. On Sunday, we made a deal with her, if she learned how to ride on the road; we would buy her a new helmet. The helmet Bug is wearing is a hand-me-down and has seen better days (don’t worry it is still safe). She was so excited about getting a new helmet, but decided there was a problem with our agreement (I knew this wouldn’t be easy). Bug told me she liked the idea of getting a new helmet, but thought it would make more sense to have a new one before riding on the road. Bug thought it would be safer (when did she get so smart)! Needless to say, we had to convince Bug that her helmet was safe to ride on the road!

I am now headed to buy a new helmet because Bug has mastered bike riding on the road. In 3 short days, Bug has mastered “no training wheels”! Can we say, determined!! I wonder where she gets that from! Bug only took one big spill on the concrete, thankfully she was able to catch herself and minimize injury. The biggest thing Bug has to learn now is how to STOP! Bug’s instinct is to put her feet down to stop instead of using her breaks. Can we say, big crash waiting to happen!!!! I should probably buy some band-aids when I purchase her new helmet.

I am super proud of Bug and her determination! Within 3 days, Bug has conquered a huge fear and a huge milestone! Watch out world, if Bug wants to do something you better get onboard or get out of the way!

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