Scarecrow on the Cheap!

Liz Fogle

With my daughter’s Fall Festival right around the corner, I am busy making decorations for it. My whole goal is for the decorations to be cute, but not cost a ton of money. I wanted to share with you how to make a scarecrow with little to no money. You will be amazed at the items you have around your house. I only purchased one thing for my scarecrow, everything else I dug up in my garage or out of the closet. If you don’t have an item, don’t be afraid to ask a friend or neighbor. I am sure someone can help you put the perfect scarecrow together. This literally took me about 10 minutes.

Items needed for a scarecrow
• Old pair of pants
• Old shirt
• Gloves
• Boots
• Newspaper and an old pillow
• White pillowcase
• Twine/Rope
• Marker or Paint

My pair of pants and shirt was a recycle from last year.

The first thing I did was tie off the bottom of the pants with some twine. This allowed me to stuff them full of newspaper. We aren’t allowed to use straw at the Fall Festival. It makes too big of a mess. So I had to come up with a stuffing alternative. After the pants were
stuffed I put them inside a pair of work boots.

My scarecrow is not on a stick, so I had to find something that would help him sit up. I stuffed his upper torso with an old pillow and the arms with newspaper.

I used twine/rope to tie the gloves to the sleeves. This also prevents the newspaper from fall in out.

The scarecrows head is made out of an old pillowcase (thanks to one of my husband hospital visits). I Googled “scarecrow faces” and found one I could draw. I drew it on with a felt tip marker and painted on the orange nose and cheeks. The head is attached to the body with twine. The only other thing I added was a hat (which I made last year out of burlap, but I am sure you have an old hat lying around). So this is my finished product.

I want my scarecrow to look like it is stuffed with straw, so I found an alternative. Last year, I stuffed my husband’s scarecrow costume with paper raffia. I couldn’t find it this year, so I settled on grass from a hula skirt. I am going to cut pieces off of it and stick it out of my scarecrow. I will wait to do this. I want to set him up before I stuff him. I don’t want to lose all the grass in transport.

I have about 3 dollars in my scarecrow. Not bad for a quick fall decoration?!?! If you don’t have any old pants or shirts, don’t be afraid to visit a thrift store. For a few dollars you can pick up some items to make the perfect scarecrow. As anyone else making scarecrows this fall? Would love to see them!

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