Sometimes You Just Have to Let Go!

Liz Fogle

This article, entitled "Sometimes You Just Have to Let Go!" comes from Liz Fogle, MomsEveryday blogger from South Central Kentucky.

Bug (my daughter) has been on summer break for several weeks. We’ve spent our days going to the pool, library, and playing outside. One thing that has been put on the back burner this summer, my house cleaning! My floors have dirt/grass on them, I have bottles of sunscreen on the counters, and Bug’s latest art project scattered across my table. What can I say, it is summer and we are enjoying it! Honestly, cleaning with Bug at home it like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos! It is almost impossible!!!

Over the weekend, the “dirty house” was too much for this OCD Germaphobe!! Bug went to spend the weekend with my parents and I was determined to clean and straighten the house. I only had a couple of hours, but I knew it could be done. What I discovered over the weekend was I clean my house in the same order and there is no deviating from the order.

- Load dishes/wash dishes
- Bleach countertops and kitchen sink
- Dust kitchen furniture
- Dust family room/entry way
- Clean bathroom # 1 and # 2
- Dust hallway
- Dust Bug’s room
- Dust my room
- Vacuum hardwood floors
- Vacuum family room
- Mop hardwoods/kitchen floor

My husband (Ben) decided to help me over the weekend (which I am thankful for). Unfortunately, he wanted to deviate from the cleaning order!!! Once I was finished loading the dishes, bleaching the countertops/sinks, and dusting the furniture in the kitchen, Ben wanted to jump to vacuuming the kitchen and mopping!! When he told me he was going to go ahead and vacuum/mop ….I gave him the LOOK!!! Ben’s response, “okay you OCD Germaphobe, it is okay to clean out of order!” Ugh…as much as it bothered me, I let him clean out of order!! I was just thankful for his help! After several hours of scrubbing, bleaching, and mopping my house was finally restored to order!

The cleaning frenzy was 4 days ago, what do you think my house looks like now?!?! Bug and her friends tracked grass across my nicely cleaned floors, crayons are scattered across my table, and I stepped on a wet swimsuit in the bathroom this morning! What can I say, it is summer chaos at my house and I love it! Even though I am OCD, sometimes you have to let things go and have fun! This is not to say, I am going to let my house get crazy dirty. My OCD doesn’t let that happen! Tonight, I am going to sweep up the grass and tidy up a bit!

Anyone else enjoying the summer house chaos?!?! Isn’t it fantastic!

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