Sous Chef in Training

This article, entitled "My Sous Chef in Training," comes from Cathy B. at Bountiful Plate.

This past Monday afternoon, as I was putting the ingredients into a large bowl to make some homemade pumpkin muffins, Dominic came over and spontaneously said, "what's next in the mixer?" He helped me finish making the muffins and they were especially delicious :) He and I love to make our favorite waffle recipe out of this cookbook:

He LOVES to read me the recipe and pour the ingredients into the bowl:

It has been awesome to watch him blossom and become so confident in both his reading and his cooking and baking skills. He also thinks it's funny to pretend to eat a tomato:

And then toss it up into the air (well, he does need to practice for baseball season). He did catch it when it came back down, thank goodness!!

I want him to know that it's okay to have fun in the kitchen, it doesn't have to be serious!

There is one very important thing I am teaching Dominic. It's okay to make mistakes! He is my "sous chef" in training and currently "enrolled" in my class "Breaking an Egg Correctly into a Bowl 101."

I think he might be in that class for a while! I reassured him that it was fine and that we had plenty of eggs :) There are so many things that you can teach your kids when they help you cook. How to follow directions, waiting your turn, reading, and math skills, just to name a few.

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Cathy is a homemaker, wife and mother to a son with special needs, an adult daughter and stepmom to an adult son.
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