Spring Time = A Time to Spin Plates

Liz Fogle

Spring time is such a joyous time! It is a time of sunshine, sprouting plants, and spinning too many plates!!! Okay, I know I have you totally confused right now, but hang with me. I don’t know about you, but my winter months are fairly relaxed and our weekends are relatively easy. Now that spring has sprung….ugh… I feel like I am crazy busy and trying to keep my head above water (I apologize if this blog makes no sense)!

This week, I am in the middle of helping with a large event at my daughter’s school. So do you want to know all the thoughts/activities running through my head right now?!?!? Okay, I know that you don’t, but I think every mom experiences this at some point.

Here are the things going through my head right now…I am sorry you have to experience this…

What days do I need to get Bug to softball practice?
When is Bug’s dance recital?
What donations do I need to get for the school’s event?
When am I going to plan a Sunday School Lesson?
What days did I agree to substitute teach?
What’s for dinner?
Does Ben have clean work shirts?
Do I have time to squeeze in a workout?
Whose birthday party did I miss and who still needs a gift?
What are we going to do if it rains for the event Saturday?
Don’t forget to rent the inflatable for field day?
What day is field day?!?!
Did I order Bug a field day t-shirt?
What’s for dinner?
Is it time to sleep yet?
Can I really spin all of these plates?
Why do I do this to myself?
Will I make it to Saturday?!?!

Can someone get me a large post-it note? Ugh…I think I might have a panic attack. I know I have no one to blame but myself, but why does it seem like everything falls in the same week? Why is spring so busy? Why do “we” as mom try to spin so many plates? You know at some point something is going to give and fall! I am just hoping I can spin all that I need too this week.

A very wise older lady gave me a tidbit of advice one day. She reminded me that my “no” was someone else’s “yes”. Just think on that for a minute. If I never say “no” to an activity than another person may never have an opportunity to say “yes”. Can we say advice from someone who has been in my shoes! She told me that I need to pick and chose my activities carefully because it is better to master a few than under-perform in a bunch! I don’t like running around like a crazy woman, because it isn’t beneficial to my family and my health.

Unfortunately, I am the type of person who has to live and learn (the hard way). My goal for this week is to just keep the plates spinning and hope that I can pass off a few responsibilities next year. I am going to make myself be more choosy in the things I agree to do and help with. My main goal at this point is to be a great wife and mother! Bug will be grown in the blink of and eye. I need to enjoy our time together and strive to be better than mediocre. To do this, I am going to have to get a handle on my plate spinning! Anyone else in the same boat and want to wish me luck?!?!

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