Springtime Family Fun Ideas

It’s the time of year when the blossoms come out of their shell, and the sun peeks a little brighter. The temperatures warm, and it’s a sign that summer is just around the corner.

For some fun for the whole family this spring, try a few activities below to help prepare for the sunnier days ahead!

  • Head outside and fly a kite.

  • Take a walk around your neighborhood and soak up a few rays from the sun.

  • Get a little dirty ... in the garden that is! Clear away unwanted debris left from the winter months, and start preparing your garden for your plants or vegetables.

  • Take a bike ride as a family. Plan a route around your neighborhood and set off on an adventure, together.

  • Pack a few sandwiches, drink boxes, and other easy treats and have a picnic. Go to a local park or set outside in your own backyard and simply enjoy each others company, while you feast in the sunshine.

  • Pay animals a visit at your local zoo.

  • Make your own hopscotch course on the sidewalk and make a game of it.

  • Gather up a few good books, and go outdoors and read. Find a swing at a local park, or set up lawn chairs in your backyard.

  • Go to a local playground and play! Swing on swings, slide on slides, teeter on the teeter-totter, play on the jungle gym … hey, they say you’re only as old as what you feel. So have fun and just enjoy the playtime!

  • If it’s a rainy day, play hide and seek indoors. Then make chocolate chip cookies afterwards.

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