St. Patrick's Day Fun

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I see and feel a natural ebb and flow in almost every area of my life. My energy levels, my motivation to exercise, the amount of sleep I need, and the inspiration necessary to write interesting blog posts…all rise and fall on a regular basis.

My commitment to holidays, especially the holidays my children love to celebrate and that therefore require at least a small amount of preparation and coordination on my part, seems to follow the same trend.

Throughout the month of December we whole-heartedly embraced Christmas. We decorated our tree, hung our stockings, and wrapped presents. We crafted and baked for friends, neighbors, and teachers. We coordinated class parties, attended school fundraisers and community celebrations, visited Santa Claus, watched The Nutcracker Ballet, and took our Polar Express (wearing pajamas and with cookies and milk in tow) drive around town to admire holiday lights. We followed through on nearly all of our time-honored family traditions, and established two or three new traditions as well.

And so, as I’m sure you can imagine, when January rolled around I was running on fumes…and fumes just weren’t enough to power me through preparing for and coordinating Valentine’s Day celebrations to meet my standards.

Daily love notes left for my kids at the breakfast table? Nope. Homemade cards for family members, friends, and classmates? Nope. Miniature strawberry-flavored, heart-shaped cakes for snack after school? Family date night on Valentine’s Day? Date night with my husband the following night? Nope, nope, nope. (Surely you’ve caught on to the trend here, so I’ll spare you the rest of my “it didn’t get done” list.) When February 14th finally rolled around, the “room mom” in me pulled off acceptable Valentine’s Day celebrations for my kids’ classes but that was about it.

I felt a surge of holiday motivation in December, and then absolutely nothing in February. Thankfully, my celebratory spirit resurfaced after Valentine’s Day, and now I’m gearing up to make St. Patrick’s Day a green- and rainbow-filled extravaganza for my entire family.

In case you have a little ground to make up this St. Patrick’s Day (as I do), here are a few of the fun and festive meals, snacks, desserts, activities, and crafts I plan to try out in the coming weeks and on St. Patrick’s Day itself.

Good Eats

Crafts and Activities

It’s kind of funny…I’m not even an ounce Irish, but I have the most Irish female name – Erin Leigh – possible. Perhaps that’s why I’m so drawn to St. Patrick’s Day. Either that, or the fact that St. Patrick’s Day falls nearly three months after Christmas and three months is exactly how long I need to recover from one holiday before moving on to another…

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