Tear Jerker

Liz Fogle

There are very few movies that make me cry! Call me insensitive, but I have never been a crier, it just isn’t me! Off the top of my head, I can think of 1 movie that I cry every time I see it. It is “The Notebook”! There is something about that sappy/beautiful love story that gets me every time! I am a sucker for tragic romances. I know I have cried during a few more movies as an adult, but I just don’t remember.

My recollection is even worse when it comes to movies I cried at as a child. When I was a kid, I don’t remember crying during any movies. I am sure my mom can help me fill in the gaps, but nothing sticks out to me. That is why I was incredibly surprised to find Bug (my daughter) crying during a movie the other day!

On Friday afternoon, Bug asked to watch a movie. I told her it wouldn’t be a problem because she needed some “chill” time anyway! Bug is dropping naps like crazy, so I try to incorporate down time when she gets home from school. Bug picked out a movie she hadn’t seen in a while, but has seen no less than 20-30 times. She picked out “Snoopy Come Home”. This is a crazy old school (1970s) Peanuts classic! The premise of the story is, Snoopy finds out he was adopted by another family before he was adopted by Charlie Brown. In an attempt to make it right, he returns to his previous owner. Unfortunately, Charlie Brown and the gang go into mourning over the loss of Snoopy. They all reminisce about their faithful companion and genuinely miss him.

Bug is content on sitting in the chair and watching the movie. Next thing I know, I hear Bug sniffling! I am typing on the computer and I just stop to watch her. At first I thought Bug’s allergies were acting up, but then I see her little lip quiver and wipe her eyes. I couldn’t believe my eyes, Bug was crying at “Snoopy Come Home”. Bug has seen this movie a million times. I eventually go over to the chair and ask Bug if she is okay. At is at this point, she bust out crying and goes into some rambling sob! Through the ramblings, I was able to decipher that Bug was sad because Charlie Brown was sad. Bless her little tender heart!!!

It broke my heart to see Bug so upset. I scooped her up in my arms and we finished the rest of “Snoopy Come Home” together. I don’t know if Bug was tired or just overly sensitive, but I was shocked at her response. I have never seen Bug so visibly upset about a movie, especially one she has seen before. No more “Snoopy Come Home” for Bug!! This momma can’t handle her baby being so upset!

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