The Best Learning Tool for Toddlers

This article, entitled "The Best Learning Tool for Toddlers," comes from Liz Hayes, MomsEveryday correspondent from Central Wisconsin.

It turns out that you are the best learning tool for your toddlers, and the most effective way to teach them valuable skills and vocabulary while preparing them for preschool is by talking and reading to them! It’s so simple – but so effective.

Read to your children often so they learn that information comes from books. Studies show that children who are read to at home are more successful in school than those who are unfortunately not. They’ll develop a vocabulary when you read to them and learn about fun adventures. Reading twenty minutes a day is the golden standard, and it doesn’t have to be all at once.

Talking to your child is another simple way to make sure he or she gets on the path to education. Point out different objects, narrate your day and take your child on short trips. When you talk to your toddler, you’re encouraging him to comment, ask questions and develop communication skills.

Toddlers are primed for learning. Engage with them, read aloud to them and witness how they blossom right before your eyes!

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Liz Hayes
Liz loves spending time outdoors, working out, traveling, taking in the arts, reading and catching up on TV.
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