The Boy Likes Pink

Miranda Pardue

This article, entitled "The Boy Likes Pink," comes from MomsEveryday guest blogger, Miranda Pardue.

My almost five-year-old son that we lovingly refer to as “all boy” wants to paint his bedroom walls pink. He wants The Flash and every other superhero to ever grace comic book pages painted on them too, but especially The Flash, especially the pink. I have asked him several times over the course of many months what color he wants to paint his bedroom. The answer is always pink.

He has liked pink for as long as he has liked any color. Because his parents don’t believe in nonsense like boy and girl colors he has lots of pink items. I am progressive, I am free thinking, I am open-minded, I am awesome! So why am I stalling him on the walls? Am I just afraid that a week later he won’t like it? Am I afraid that it’ll look like we hosed his room down in Pepto Bismol? Am I afraid his room will make me want to burn out my own eyes? Am I afraid that some other little boy who has parents that do believe in girl colors will hurt his feelings?

Ding, ding, ding…bingo, we have an answer, I absolutely am.

And when I think of his feelings being hurt over something that I think is for lack of a better word stupid I get mama-bear angry. Hunt you down, chase you through the woods, and tear you apart, angry.

When I admitted to myself that I wouldn’t paint his walls pink because someone might hurt his feelings I knew what the right thing to do was. I have to paint those walls pink. If I don’t then I feel like I’m teaching him to not do the things that make him happy, to not like the things he likes because someone else might make fun. What I hope to teach my son is that being who you are, no matter who that is, is perfectly ok.

Sadly I cannot protect him from hurt feelings for forever. He will have to learn that some people are not open minded, free thinkers and that’s ok too. He will learn that some people are just mean for the sake of being mean and hopefully he’ll learn those aren’t people he wants to be friends with or have in his life.

I know there’s not anything wrong with him wanting or having pink walls but for months I have said no because I was afraid. I don’t guess I’m as awesome as I thought, but I’m working on it and I’ll get there. And I know what we’re doing this weekend.

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