Time Managment Tips to Make the Most of Everyday

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This article, entitled Time Managment Tips to Make the Most of Everyday comes from SingleMomFinancialHelp.com.

Time is money. Saving time means that you are saving valuable money that is better spent on something else. This time can be used with your friends, family, doing bigger and better projects, or even just on relaxing. However, if you amount all the time that you waste, you would realize how much more you COULD have done.

Our favorite savings tips are:

1. Using a Google Calender to write down any engagements or obligations for two purposes: something to plan your day with, AND to keep track of commitments.

2. Make a To Do list (Or Don’t do list), whichever works. The beauty of a successful to do list is one that has little mandatory items (like eat lunch) which will create a sense of accomplishment. Just make sure you are not writing more than you can actually accomplish on a given day.

3. If you have a planner and feel comfortable charting your day out hourly, it could really help keep you on track. Remember to leave some time to relax too!

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