Time Out for Dad

This article, entitled "Time Out for Dad," comes from Jen Lennon, MomsEveryday blogger from Southern Colorado.

Father’s Day is this Sunday. It doesn’t quite get the hype of Mother’s Day, but necktie and tool manufacturers are ready for the last minute gift frenzy. Father’s Day is one of those holidays that doesn’t seem to mean much until it really means something.

What do I mean? Well, falling on the calendar at the beginning of summer, the day usually slips by with a brief acknowledgement in the midst of the other exciting busy-ness of a summer weekend…graduations, sports tournaments, camping trips, reunions, vacations, garage sales and pool parties. We give Dad a card, say thanks for everything and take over lawn mowing duties for a day. We mean well, but the meaning is a little lost until you’ve lost your father and you come to this holiday for the first time without him.

For my niece and nephew, this Sunday will be their fifth Father’s Day without their dad. For my husband, just his second since his father passed away. Suddenly, this holiday that once casually dotted the summer calendar seems painfully more important. It’s not about ties and power tools, but about missing that strong presence in your life. The man you could always count on to have that pithy piece of advice or perhaps that rambling story about “the olden days” that now actually makes sense. Or even the ridiculously over told bad jokes…my father-in-law was famous for these zingers! It’s about remembering those times and retelling them to bring that strong presence back into your life.

This Father’s Day, take time to just be with the man you call dad. Spend five extra minutes listening to him before you ask for the car keys or launch into the craziness of your kids’ activities. Take a time out for dad. I am acutely aware that not all fathers have stepped up to the plate or even been present for their children, but there is usually a man who has filled that void…a father figure. An uncle, a teacher, a coach, a neighbor or even a big brother. Sunday is for that man, too. So buy a card, a tie or a power tool, but most importantly take a moment to be in the moment and talk. Listen just a little more intently to that old story, joke or advice. Today’s casual conversation becomes tomorrow’s cherished memory. Happy Father’s Day!

About the Author...
Jen Lennon
Jen is the mother of two boys and a girl who keep her and her husband of 20 years busy driving from the theater to the hockey rink to the dance studio.
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