Tiny Dancer

Liz Fogle

I don’t know about you, but there are a few things (or loves) that I want to pass onto to my daughter (Bug). There are some other things I hope she doesn’t inherit, but that is a blog for another day. I am quickly passing on my sarcasm (not super proud of this one), my love of books, my love of the beach, my love of swimming, my love of History (the child is a nerd like me), and probably my most favorite thing… Bug’s love of DANCE!!!

Check out these tiny dancers!

Circa 1990, got to love the bangs!

Circa 2013, not a great picture, but Bug wouldn't be still at class

Isn’t Bug just the cutest little dancer! For the past 2 years all that Bug has wanted to do is dance. She has begged and begged for us to let her take class! This past January, we agreed to let her take classes. Unfortunately, I don’t think Bug’s love of dance comes completely from me. One of Bug’s babysitters dances and over the last few years, we’ve watched several of her performances. “Bug’s Danielle” has also taught her several dance moves. This has resulted in Bug always twirling, flipping, and leaping all over the house!

I will admit, I am glad that Bug has chosen dance as an activity. I don’t know if she will stick with dancing, but I know the value of dance training. From the age of 4 until 16, I danced! I truly believe that my years of dancing shaped who I am today. Dance taught me discipline, focus, and time-management. I had the privilege of dancing with the Owensboro Dance Theatre Apprentice Company and Company for a number of years. During these years, I formed lasting friendships, got to travel (oh…that was the best part), work with some fantastic choreographers, and perform with some amazing dancers. I wouldn’t trade my years of dance training for anything. It was such a sweet and special time.

Being back in a dance studio is kind of nostalgic. The noise of tap shoes, the pain of Pointe shoes, and tight ballerina hair buns! Oh…all of these things take me back. While I am excited Bug is dancing, I am doing my best not to influence her. If Bug decides she doesn’t want to dance anymore, that is her choice. I will support her regardless.

However, right now I am enjoying this sweet time of learning. Watching Bug learn leap and turns just melts this momma’s heart! I love that when she gets home, she wants me to show her more steps. This has proven interesting. Bug has informed me that some of my moves are wrong and then she shows me the correct way to do it. Ughh…stubborn child!

All stubbornness aside, Bug is doing quite well. She is catching on fast and more importantly having fun! I can’t wait to take her to her first professional ballet. I really think she will enjoy it. After all, we’ve seen the New York City Ballet dance The Nutcracker far too many times on tape.

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